The trailer Weichai generator is leaking, what are we going to do first
Mr. Sun bought one trailer Weichai generator in other places., but the recent frequent occurrence of generator cylinder cap outlet pipe, water pump, water tank, drainage switch leakage situation, What's all this about? ? Mr. Sun received the phone, Warking master to the trailer diesel generator set user manufacturers, the phenomenon of leakage of a series of investigation, and finally to the cause, and the cause of this phenomenon made the following analysis:
Failure Analysis:
This kind of trailer Weichai generator failure is usually caused by the injection of corrosive coolant or seawater into the water radiator of the diesel engine by the operator.
Trailer Weichai generator Failure Reason:
1, the operator of water supply radiator added antifreeze corrosive strong, resulting in trailer Weichai generator channel components damaged.
2, the cooling water that the operator adds to the cooling water radiator is seawater, causing damage to the internal waterway and external interface of the diesel engine. Therefore, the use of diesel engine must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the diesel engine operation.

Troubleshooting method of Weichai generator in trailer:
1, the Assembly, adjustment, test machine found that the diesel engine returned to normal, the fault is excluded.
2And dismantle the damaged parts of Weichai generator in trailer, and replace the damaged diesel engine parts after flushing the water radiator and internal waterway with fresh water.
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