Diesel generator cooling knowledge
The cooling system of diesel generator in both air cooling and water cooling, details are as follows 
The wind cooling method: 
Wind cooling way is with air as cooling medium, will transmit the quantity of heat of diesel engine 's heated parts. This way of cooling by cooling fan and guide cover, etc. 
In order to increase the cooling area, usually in the cylinder block, cylinder head and each radiator on the outer wall of casting have a lot of buckling of the heat sink. Work along the ventilation fan rotation will air flow to the surface of the cylinder block and cylinder head, cold air flowing through the radiator, the cylinder block and cylinder head heat away. 
Air-cooled cooling system structure is simple, the quality loss, but the cooling effect is poorer, more for small diesel engine, suitable for water shortage area. 
Water cooling mode: 
Water cooling way is water as cooling medium, to convey heated parts of diesel engine heat out. The characteristics of the cooling is, when the temperature or workload changes, easy to adjust cooling intensity. 
There is open and closed two water cooling way. Open cooling system, circulating water and atmosphere are interlinked, direct steam pressure always keep the cooling system of the atmospheric pressure. Closed system, the water circulate in the airtight system, cooling system of the steam pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the cooling water temperature and outside temperature difference in temperature increasing, thus improving the cooling capacity of the whole cooling system. 
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