Diesel generator battery is the most important starting component
Diesel generator batteries start is the most important components
Battery is the most important of diesel generator set start component, its role is to implement the fuel system of diesel electric start and unit control and real-time control automation unit start running and stop. If it can't normal power supply, the diesel generating set is not power, standby emergency power supply system will lose its role, will cause unnecessary loss and serious consequences. In order to be able to make the running stability of the diesel generating set, vendors should be attentive caress it at ordinary times, should be to do a good job of preventive maintenance and battery.
Diesel generator battery maintenance tips:
1) outside of the battery scrub with wet cloth, the panel, on the pile head (plus or minus two pole head) of the dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause the leakage contamination to wipe clean. Such scrubbing away the battery, the battery of the pile head not amass acid powder, white its service life is long.
2) open the battery add enough water to cover, to see if the water level in the normal position. General on the battery side there will be, the marking of the lower limit for user reference. Under the water level below the line is found, it is necessary to add distilled water, if there is no distilled water, filtered water. You may use for emergency. Do not add too much water, the standard is added to the line up and down the middle.
3) check the battery charge is normal. If the user has three meters, after starting the engine, measure the voltage of battery at the poles, must be more than 13 v is normal. Found that the charging voltage is too low, you need ask professional maintenance charging system. If not using three meters, available visual method: after starting the engine, open the battery add enough water to cover, check every small lattice inside take a bubble. Normal situation is continue to bubble out of the water, the more and more oil will take; If it finds no bubble, it may be there is something wrong with the charging system. Pay special attention to is to do the test with hydrogen, so the test must not have open flames, lest produce burst into flames.
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