huaquan Power: 100 years continuous power of small nuclear batteries will come
       Huaquan power is a well-known diesel and gasoline, gas generator supplier, at present, the "huaquan" brand series of power generating sets have been sold nationwide and exported to 38 countries and regions in the world. Over the years, huaquan has always attached importance to the generator and to promote the progress of science and technology, independent research and development and technological upgrading of enterprises as the key work to realize the sustainable development of the implement. At the same time, they are also highly concerned about the development of the industry's cutting-edge technology, to promote the sustainable development of enterprises as a driving force. For example, for a small nuclear battery forthcoming, huaquan generator set paid highly attention.
          According to foreign media reports, Russian scientists are developing a new type of nuclear battery, if this technology is successful, even with a battery of 100 years of electricity will not be a problem. This small nuclear battery is not only low cost, but also run long. "The battery is no electricity, and no longer need to worry about the future," said Korolev, Russia's University, the school's researchers are developing a nuclear battery, which can be used for up to 100 years. One of the new technology using porous silicon carbide structure to protect the radioactive elements, to ensure safety at the same time, so that the nuclear battery work for a long time.In addition, silicon carbide material is not only able to withstand cold, but also withstand the high temperature of nearly 350 degrees Celsius, equipped with this kind of battery sensor in the field of mechanical manufacturing is also very valuable.According to their plan, the test samples of this new type of battery will be completed this year.
  Huaquan power generator set as diesel generator industry which the bright younger generation always uphold the integrity of management, innovation, quality first, pay attention to the concept of brand is an important factor in huaquan is widely recognized by the market. Huaquan series diesel generator, Yuchai, Weichai, covers Volvo, Cummings and other 10 series of more than 100 varieties, power from 3kW to 3000kW, with excellent quality, stable performance, convenient operation, long service and other significant characteristics and the industry's reputation. 
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