The new urbanization, huaquan mute generator usher in new opportunities
       "13th Five-Year" period, China will vigorously promote the construction of new urbanization. As the domestic diesel generator industry well-known enterprises, in recent years, huaquan in the power to seize the opportunity to continue to achieve great leap forward development. From an unknown small workshop has become a provincial high-tech enterprises covering Weichai, Yuchai, Cape Cummins, Volvo, etc. more than 10 series of hundreds of varieties. Products sold in the country and 38 countries and regions. The general manager of the company Mr. Zhao Lizeng believes that the development of enterprises, not only have a good product, but also have a good market, to seize the market opportunities. At the same time, Zhao also said that the new urbanization will bring new opportunities for the development of huaquan's power.
From the domestic and foreign market, in recent years, the performance of the mute generator used in the field of continuous improvement, the industry has been broadened, especially mobile power station generator, mute mute generator set, commercial office of public service generator set used a lot of mute. The development trend of huaquan power times, into the Internet genes for their business, their brands and products by O2O, new media, Internet marketing platform, received widespread attention in the industry. Of course, huaquan power production enterprises hope more silent generators should seize such a good market situation and good sales model, the greatest force to realize the new technology and services, to enhance the size of the market, and strive to create a new batch of national brands, pushing the initiative at home and abroad market.
In addition, China's machinery manufacturing, petroleum and chemical engineering, with The Belt and Road strategy to intensify the implementation of construction projects, there will be more need to mute generator support, which is bound to drive mute power industry more prosperous. So, with full production technology promotion and application of silent generators, new urbanization and infrastructure projects will be wholly silent generators market into a period of rapid development. Of course, huaquan generator future must strengthen their own strength, to seize the development opportunities to prepare.
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