Diesel generator set will have a significant impact on the service industry
          The development of the city can not be separated from the service industry. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standard, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Amateur life makes the rapid development of the service industry.In the city, thriving development of catering, bars, cafes, cinemas, KTV and other entertainment industry.Service industry has become the mainstream of urban public consumption industry. And the development of service industry is very big to the power demand, the service industry is very necessary to prepare the generator set is very necessary.
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Service industry in the city to pay attention to business circles, the general will get together to focus on business. Shopping malls, bars, cafes, restaurants, leisure KTV, centralized management, the formation of the business circle, which is conducive to guide customers one-stop consumption. Service industry get together to operate, the power requirements are also get together and supply, a large variety of neon lights is very large. In addition, dance, entertainment bar, these are quite persistent and strong project of electricity, which will cause the local electricity supply pressure. To ease the pressure of this power supply, many service industries are owned small diesel generators, once the circuit because of overload and power outages, can be an emergency power supply, will not affect the normal operation.
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diesel engine as the prime mover, a power supply synchronous generator,it is a quick start, easy operation and maintenance, less investment, strong adaptability to the environment of the power generation device.Shandong China Power Co.,Ltd 's R&D has been committed to the diesel generator, gasoline generator and gas generator. Over the years, Huaquan has always advocated green power, summing up the experience in the production process, developed many low-carbon energy technology projects, the new technology used in the production of diesel generator set, greatly improving the stability and environmental protection of the generator. Through the addition of independent research and development of the device, played the role of the full combustion of fuel. Through the waste gas recovery device, the exhaust gas part of the running of the diesel generator set is recovered, and the environment is more low carbon.
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