What should be paid attention to in the high altitude area using generator set
            The use of diesel generator set  according to the regional differences will be different, the mainly is power generator is decreased, and increased fuel consumption in diesel engine, the heat load in rising, so Huaquan power for everyone to analyze the influence of plateau environment on the performance of diesel generator.
                                        generator set
        The plateau section 
have low pressure altitude, thin air, oxygen flow rate of less, for naturally aspirated diesel generator, will produce because of insufficient gas into the combustion condition and variation, so the diesel generator can not generate power calibration of the original provisions.The output current of diesel generator will change with the change of altitude, and decreased with the altitude increasing, and fuel consumption indicators, as well as the electrical performance index.Plateau region of the user, the choice of what brand of generator set ? Considering the particularity of the environment, we recommend that you select Huaquan power against harsh conditions, the good performance of the low temperature starting sets.Comprehensive trade-off point of view, the generator set is equipped with imported engine is preferred.
Huaquan Volvo generator adopts Volvo PENTA engine pure imported, is a representative brand of high-end market, have served the plateau mining and engineering and many other categories of customers, with real example shows superior quality products, recognized by the customers.Excellent durable performance, low temperature and easy start-up performance, creating a Volvo generator set to adapt to high altitude conditions of the innate gene. High altitude area of the preferred generator sets, Volvo generator sets.
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