The role of coolant in diesel generator sets can not be ignored
        Huaquan power received some faults about diesel generator sets, there are many serious faults, sometimes due to small negligence and lack of professional maintenance personnel check.So regular maintenance can be avoided some faults.Diesel generator sets are as the power supply of emergency standby power supply, most of the time,the generator set in standby standby state, once the power outage, it requires the sets to get up and play. Otherwise, the standby sets will lose its significance. How can we achieve this objective? The practice has proved that it is the most economical and effective method to strengthen the daily maintenance. Because the generator set is in a static state for a long time, the generator set itself is a variety of materials and oil, cooling water, diesel oil, air and other complex chemical and physical changes, so that the generator set will be "put" bad.
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When we refer to maintenance, Huaquan attaches great importance to the selection of electric power fittings. Coolant is one of the important parts in the maintenance of generator sets.What is the role of coolant in the operation of diesel generator sets?
First, anti freezing effect.
         Second, anti boiling effect.
         Third, anti-corrosion effect.
         Fourth, anti rust effect.
Fifth, Anti scaling effect.

         In summary, the use of cooling liquid in diesel generator cooling solves the problem of high temperature and pooring cooling, to avoid the malfunction of diesel generator, and its anti-corrosion, anti rust and anti fouling effect for diesel generator to create optimal operation environment. But Huaquan electric power generator to remind you , if the long time does not change the coolant will also reduce the effect of its use, usually every one and a half to two years we need to replace the coolant.
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