pursue and admire low carbon environmental protection type generator set
             From the environmental protection technology improvement of diesel generator set, to the production of gas generator set, this is the concept of environmental protection in the upgrading of Huaquan. With the worsening of the ecological environment, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection.In recent years, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction and other words are often heard in the marketplace, the concept of environmental protection has become the common visible social cognition. The most grassroots people have gradually increased environmental awareness, some of the fuel cars were replaced by electric cars. Thus, low carbon environmental protection has gradually become a social consensus.                                                                                                                      generator set
In order to adapt to the new market environment, a positive response to the environmental protection requirements, Shandong Huaquan Power R & D and production of gas generator. Gas generator set is mainly to burn natural gas generator set, the natural gas generator set are mainly divided into two kinds, one is the combined cycle gas turbine, one is the gas engine.It is a new type of green power to replace fuel oil and coal-fired power set. Make full use of all kinds of natural gas or harmful gas as fuel,  safe and convenient operation, high cost efficiency, low emission, and is suitable for heat and power cogeneration and other advantages, the market prospect is very broad. China's natural gas resources are very rich, relative to the rich natural gas reserves, natural gas in China's primary energy consumption in the proportion is too small, the future has a substantial increase in the potential.
In addition to natural gas generator set, production sets and Huaquan Gas biogas generator set. Biogas generator is the use of biogas as fuel, to provide power to the generator, so that the generator can operate normally, and play a role. Biogas power generation technology is a new technology of comprehensive utilization of environmental protection and energy conservation.
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