Residential diesel generator set, to solve the temporary difficulties
        In daily life, unexpected power outage is a matter that ofen happened, but the power failure, the residential should be how to protect the normal use of the elevator it?Elevator fault is a serious accident, not only to bring people the inconvenience of life, but also the more important is the psychological panic caused by the trapped.
         Shandong Huaquan power Limited by Share Ltd is a professional manufacturer of diesel generator sets of modern high-tech enterprises. In the operation of the process, with high-quality product quality and advanced technology concepts, by the market recognition. Now, with the perfect technology and excellent quality, to establish a long-term friendly cooperative partnership with many Real Estate Company in China, Huaquan diesel generator used in equipment engineering acceptanceria.                                                                                                                         diesel generator
Over the years, Huaquan is committed to building China power international brand generator products, continuously improve product technology, through independent research and development, upgrade and improvement of the existing technology, the diesel generator with low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise environmental effect. At the same time, Huaquan R & D and production of static sound device, corrugated, high density cotton mute adopt international standards, laying on the static sound box wall, can fully absorb a running diesel generator noise, sound-absorbing effect good, suitable for residential area.
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