Error operation of diesel generator set
           Diesel generator set, the value of a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, for the customer is a big investment.In order to better serve customers, Huaquan in 2016 July has pioneered the industry's leading 5A customer after-sales service standard,and already implemented.As a part of the diesel generator set, maintenance is very important. Huaquan after-sales service center, according to the previous customer service experience, summed up the following common mistakes about the diesel engine operation, to alert the user.
diesel generator set

          First,diesel engine running when the oil is not enough.At this time will be due to insufficient oil supply caused by the friction of the surface of the oil supply shortage, resulting in abnormal wear or burn.
in the case of insufficient cooling water ,cooling water or oil temperature is too high,the generator is running.
       And ,
operation load emergency shutdown or shutdown immediately after the load suddenly removed.
fter the cold start, not a warm machine with load operation,it is running.
The above several aspects is the most easy to ignore the usual place, in the operation is also easy to make mistakes. The operation of diesel generator set specification we have a certain understanding, when it is used not to careless and relax vigilance, beware of some small mistakes lead to disaster.
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